Paris Fashion Week SS16 // Runway

Paris is among the big four fashion countries! Take your seats in business class, because we are flying on the first flight to the city of LOVE with top bloggers and fashion lovers.

Some facts about Paris/France for you:

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. The Louvre
  3. Macarons ( at Ladurée )
  4. Baguette
  5. Small french cafés


The collection has 'boring' office sets AND crazy costumes with cool prints. I just fell in love with these fanny packs! Aren't they pretty? 🙈


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LFW SS16 // Ashish

I want to make a special post for my #1 favorite brand «Ashish»
Every single collection is a masterpiece. How can you create such a 
beautiful things??? Where did you get your inpiration from? I have no 
freaking idea!


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Coffee Break #1

Hey cuties! I decided to start a new section on my blog “Coffee Break” where I can share my thoughts with you and estimate cafes.
So, FIRST café is “Good Enough”.

Really nice atmosphere. Quite and peaceful place for work or studying. 
Delicious and inexpensive drinks&food. 
I ordered a big cup of Cappuccino and Parfait. It costs 420rub (about 6$)
I really enjoyed this place, but the café is so small and sometimes it is 
hard to find a free seat.
If it’s your first time in “Good Enough Café” they will give you a coupon, 
so you can get 6th cup of coffee for free!
Address: ul. Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya 4/10

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MFW SS16 // Dolce&Gabbana

As always, Dolce&Gabbana was inspired by their homeland Italy. But this time they focused not only on one specific town, but on the whole Italy – Rome,  Palermo, Naples, Taormina. D&G are very creative with the details. Look at these crowns, sunglasses, jewellery and scarves! 
This collection was probably inspired by 60s.


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Milan Fashion Week SS16 // Runway

What is up, fashionistas?

Next stop is…. MILANO

Are you ready for Milan Fashion Week SS16 posts??? Sooo let’s start!

1. Moschino
Jeremy always shock the audience with his awesome collections. Do you remember Spring-Summer 15 's line with «Barbie» themed clothes? 
Аnd what about Fall-Winter 14-15 's collection with all loved french fries 
phone cases or Sponge Bob sweater? It was absolutely  incredible! But SS16 
makes me upset… Oh, Jeremy, what are you doing? Okay, to be honest I DO like some stuff, BUT lots of them I really can't understand! Just enjoy the 
slideshow of costumes that I like ☺

8d6dddc43392fd357b110ac166a614d2_mos1377_2a1c35e40d8e7732f118276abe_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a6dd913886c566676ca7e964094f6370_mos1401_0d0715900ab32f2c0287549a62_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8  dd28d29ff51aa3958a2f1aa185138d23_mos2359_beb9e39d0fae01c30d26c63708_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

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