MFW SS16 // Dolce&Gabbana

As always, Dolce&Gabbana was inspired by their homeland Italy. But this time they focused not only on one specific town, but on the whole Italy – Rome,  Palermo, Naples, Taormina. D&G are very creative with the details. Look at these crowns, sunglasses, jewellery and scarves! 
This collection was probably inspired by 60s.



The show was incredibly awesome!The music makes you feel like you are at bazaar in countryside of Italy. The models stopped in the middle of the runway and took selfies! Pictures were 
dispalayed to big screens and posted on Dolce&Gabbana 's instagram page. 
Well… hello, 21th century haha

GettyImages-490264374_master GettyImages-490264486_master

IMG_2268.png IMG_2269.png IMG_2270.png IMG_2271.png

I have a feeling that I have seen it before.There's nothing wrong in the love to your country!And its really cool that they still make clothes in their own style.But… maybe you want to try something new next season? 
What about Monaco, Portugal or even 
Russia? They have pretty similar national pattern and concept of beauty.



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