Milan Fashion Week SS16 // Runway

What is up, fashionistas?

Next stop is…. MILANO

Are you ready for Milan Fashion Week SS16 posts??? Sooo let’s start!

1. Moschino
Jeremy always shock the audience with his awesome collections. Do you remember Spring-Summer 15 's line with «Barbie» themed clothes? 
Аnd what about Fall-Winter 14-15 's collection with all loved french fries 
phone cases or Sponge Bob sweater? It was absolutely  incredible! But SS16 
makes me upset… Oh, Jeremy, what are you doing? Okay, to be honest I DO like some stuff, BUT lots of them I really can't understand! Just enjoy the 
slideshow of costumes that I like ☺

8d6dddc43392fd357b110ac166a614d2_mos1377_2a1c35e40d8e7732f118276abe_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a6dd913886c566676ca7e964094f6370_mos1401_0d0715900ab32f2c0287549a62_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8  dd28d29ff51aa3958a2f1aa185138d23_mos2359_beb9e39d0fae01c30d26c63708_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

2. Blumarine
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new collection! Sexy femenine dresses are AMAZING
Baby pink and blue colors looks soo cute
I'm in love with wide leg trousers, they look like pajama pants, so probably it means that they are extremely comfy! Yay for the pajama trend!

570aed7f334e78b6025d310c4d7d35c4_kim_0019_99a55f82a228b3e56bd9d2254f_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 540753b5fe4fb4ce4306e4496fc4318b_kim_0485_21d72af151e2b67c0bea7f0cb4_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 898045a11ee57a939f5182d179aa5129_kim_0077_678cd2d0facee8c4df1e010cfa_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

Well, I can't really say anything.I mean this collection is so ICEBERG and I love it! 
So good, as always.

a49be554bdebefd8d104199256b55573_arc0650_ed3d4bca694bde724f342cde13_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 b80e8f44b2a197da55492d0aa206b768_arc0022_5b623c3e1824faba78e94701cb_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 eaf263a723847aaa7d1b6aabaa57c69b_arc0202_28529e6101b926890cf8690b2b_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

4. Emilio Pucci
Perfect colors, cool accessories, nice details. I love the slip dress with 
fish prints, pink costume and «hairy»(?) sandals! They looks so cool and fashionable ☺

7bfbbcb226d3ad6f3c57b277990a834e_mon0099_0a4c0048eefbb66a3007bf70a5_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 027e82657be081231ba1ffa2290bcf0a_mon0310_7ee5071f1d6a75765359207208_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 71b0af371d92f01a8c1a61cdb18c8ee1_mon0063_637658f5b397905d68b348a8e3_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


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