Paris Fashion Week SS16 // Runway

Paris is among the big four fashion countries! Take your seats in business class, because we are flying on the first flight to the city of LOVE with top bloggers and fashion lovers.

Some facts about Paris/France for you:

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. The Louvre
  3. Macarons ( at Ladurée )
  4. Baguette
  5. Small french cafés


The collection has 'boring' office sets AND crazy costumes with cool prints. I just fell in love with these fanny packs! Aren't they pretty? 🙈




Strong silhouettes, classic suits on a NAKED body, black lace... Manly strong, but at the same time very feminine and sexy!

9af3d7d02e78d9cedd38d374d53004fa_arc0299_f9f89cfd3325054d2d5213ff3c_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 77266b4bf3e4252965b07f429b31f4ac_arc0277_be076410a2d917365b9cdec476_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


And at Christian Dior's new collection we can see suits too! Probably, they will be a must have of every fashionista 🤔 Can we just take a moment and talk about how awesome are these PASTEL SUITS?! oh my goodness 🤑 Pink and white set with some weird translucent thing on top ( looks like it was made out of organza) just stole my heart!!! Please, can someone give this two piece as a new year gift for me? 😬🙄

3f39609ee8114baaaecb3cdd04e6b1d0_dio0331_9f2791281d8f01ca6b0a844143_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8   ade93b226d20749445778d15f05df490_dio0798_4c054024e7356a2f0cff9ca034_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 c546c2ef9c8f947991052dbb5506e2c7_dio0413_24b20fa8b657510b823762180d_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


My #1 favorite designer ever ever ever! 
Incredible dresses and suits for special occasions. We all know that special Elie Saab's signature. You always can recognize his dresses from hundreds. But this time, in my opinion, he make something different, not like his previous work! But I'm still in love with these fabulous dresses and I hope one day I can afford one dress from this amazingly talented designer😌

399a248f86e4629902725f399543d2f9_saa0479_dca87511ddb91731b1651ce17d_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a87d6f439007cfb17204deda0c9b9634_saa0446_eb34d39a68f33ce03f7405d27f_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a70563a5b1088a09f5be016fc4670355_saa0058_520fabca26808b072552423ca8_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 b3dba5ff474de8aa3f24b018c6001c0b_saa0618_e872cc923d085b74372d5063a6_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


Very very gothic. 💀

3255baed52c221e90e446330b1cd7efe_02_mon0016_e42a52f6ee73a99f3e7e105222_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 b5488fad86abd2f08892a975c7b692a8_32_mon0616_186b4b66facba26a5cbaa30022_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 d8e562c9b526cd09e2192fee1cd22a36_15_mon0210_f996e0122eb5628df25beadc89_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


Ready-To-Wear Collection. But... hm Are you really ready to wear this?

72fef98284fc3efea038e0cb9d72563f_cdg0560_4d56f05744d266df1e302e30e9_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 9626846b13996a7d19bab108acf3adab_cdg0089_b251e0c6d063ba3ef765e45151_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a1cea6f7fd0e48611210ec03341e736f_cdg0214_770b828fe3a20801f1dd986485_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


So Rick. So sick.

1b1933fc19b8f8efec8d7555f8339a80_owe0017_15af3be96d4567bd2d2ece3a88_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 ad637d44481605fb764f78f6c4984db4_owe0521_609814a38c49872996950c0843_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 bddf18afeef74b56a0910c194ae4163e_owe0333_ca094a45029fd4abd42f4479e2_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 e87c4f19c09c58cdc34db9e499404d6f_owe0465_97caba50328dddb9a60f2dd7c2_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8


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