Hi! I know, its been a long time… my last post was in a last year! I feel really bad, but I was so tired and I procrastinate all the time, but I AM BACK.

So today’s post is going to be STREET STYLE  ( my favorite posts tbh )

Now is Milan Mens Fashion Week AW16.

What can be better than good-looking man? Good looking man with an awesome fashion taste of course, duh.

If you can see nowadays shoes play a big role in the outfit. Man in the suit is awesome, i agree, but now its getting boring. So to replace classic style comes that chill style. The combination of classics AND sneakers. It is very stylish and comfortable.

Actually, in my opinion asians have the best fashion taste! Like for real, just look at street style at Seoul Fashion week or Tokyo etc. Its insane! in a good way of course.

And when i look at street style in different countries i can defiantly see that many outfits have been inspired by crazy asian style. I am so excited to see street style outfits from Fashion Week AW16.

What should we expect? Who will surprise us? i don’t know…

But for now, lets take a look at Milan Mens Fashion Week AW16 street style.street-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-17

vogue rustreet-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-14street-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-01street-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-07street-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-11street-style-milan-fashion-week-fw16-22


my favorite kind of photos – models off duty ahhh so cool!


Wait…. what did you said? You want some classic? Well I will give you what you want!



I think thats enough 😉

Did you like it?


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