«Where can I find inspiration?»  – this question bothered me for a long time.

But today i am ready to tell you some cool places where i get inspired.


Of course, tumblr is number one on the list. Actually it takes me a pretty long time to get it. Tumblr literally has everything! You just need to find out what are you interested in, find one perfect blog, follow it and then follow similar blogs. And now you have it, every single post on your feed is perfect!

I dont know about other websites ( like pinterest, we heart it …) but i think, they are all similar, so yeah


Music has always been an inspiration. In my opinion to find inspiration in music is a lot harder. In my short life i have found only one or two songs that inspired me! Maybe you will be luckier 😉

Soundcloud – is a perfect place, base with a HUGE amount of different music.

Thats all for now, if you want me continued write about it just let me know and I will.



find more pics here 


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