Fashion Week Madness. Russian Reality.

Fashion week for me is

  1. New Meetings. Every season, every day Im lucky to meet new interesting people who loves fashion just like me. Talking to them shows me their vision of fashion, from blogger, stylist, photographer etc point of view. This fashion week is not an exception. And im thankful for that.
  2. Of course, fashion shows. Just like in last season i didn’t get the accreditation. It means that i couldn’t visit every single show and backstage, also they (MBFW Russia team)  said that I don’t need accreditation to be at street style meet. And thats what i did. I have visited only 1 show! And just because this designer in my opinion is the best Russian designer. I will tell you about him in the next post 😉
  3. Street style. Because I’m not working with MBFW Russia and I don’t owe them anything. I can tell you everything what I think, right? It was the worst ‘street style meet’ experience. Not just because it was fcking freezing outside. Probably because all cool magazine’s photographers ( f.e. W Mag, Highsnobiety and even Vogue Russia) were at Ukrainian Fashion Week. If I have to choose Ukrainian FW or Russian FW. I would choose UFW without any hesitation.  This season I decided to customize my clothes. I didn’t want to wear hype clothes ( like Gosha Rubchinskiy, Kanye’s merch etc). I wore something different and it wasn’t appreciated. You want to be noticed by all photographers? WEAR BRANDS. NAMES ARE IMPORTANT. My friends told me one thing.

«Its so sad, that people like you, who express themselves through clothes, brings something new to fashion and not just wear what is in hype, are not truly appreciated. Because YOU will be that person who make hype. And it’s so sad, that our (russian) street style photographers didn’t get that. People from abroad who will check Russian street style will think that we don’t understand fashion, but its not true. We have dope fashion influencers, they are just appreciated yet. And it annoys me the most.»


And you know what, im not even sad that im not in vogue or whatever. I feel sad for all cool people that i met that week who wasn’t noticed, its just so unfair, and probably next season I’m not going to FW in Russia anymore.

Its so funny, cause i don’t even know if anyone is reading my blog, but I just like to share my thoughts.

xx Chana


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